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The important role of interactive wall projection in scenic spots

2023-08-26  180

Interactive wall projection system is a projection system that is created through interaction between an interactive window, rear-projection projection and the experiencer. It is capable of projecting images between real and virtual images and is realized through electrolytic capacitors, data servers and wall displays. By capturing virtual reality images and displaying them visually in a dynamic way, and by seamlessly connecting body motion capture to the screen display, it builds an interactivity that is more distinctive than ordinary methods.

The important role of Projection interactive wall in the operation of scenic spots:

1、Enhance the popularity of scenic spots, enhance interactivity

Through the wall Interactive projection technology, people's body movements can be more direct interaction with the wall, and tourists can see the real projection screen with others to interact with the changes. Even in the middle of a vast mountain, river or ocean, you can get the visual effect corresponding to the wall projection. This marvelous interactivity can attract customers and sightseers and keep them entertained. In other public places, wall interactive projection can also bring different leisure entertainment and interactive experience, prompting more people to participate in it and increasing the popularity of scenic spots.

2、Flexible customization of various contents

The wall interactive projection device is able to design diversified animation contents according to the application place, history and humanities of the scenic spot and other needs. Its size can be flexibly adjusted to facilitate the later updating of the content, while also reducing the project investment costs.

3、Enhance the corporate brand image of scenic spots

Through the application of wall interactive projection, cultural scenic spots can not only attract popularity, but also enable sightseers to deeply remember the scenic spot while interacting and entertaining. This greatly improves the scenic area's corporate brand image.

Wall interactive projection uses a projection system that is closely integrated with the display screen and gobo projector to display the theme of the content, projecting the large-scale wall of the house building into a dynamic image with a strong three-dimensional effect. Through vivid three-dimensional images, interactive projection technology and scenic site effectively combined together, shaping a unique design style of the characteristics of the tourist landscape, for the scenic area to bring lucrative earnings, to the public brought unusual joy.

Through wall interactive projection, scenic spots are able to enhance their attractiveness, increase popularity, and establish more direct interaction between customers and sightseers. At the same time, this technology can also be customized according to the needs of the scenic spots

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