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“Super Moon “Theme Park

2023-08-27  226

Jeju Island welcomed a unique theme park, "Super Moon," which opened its doors to the world on August 15 of this year. The park covers an area of 120,000 pyeong (approximately 400,000 square meters) and utilizes a variety of realistic media technologies such as holograms, gobo projector projection mapping, and Interactive projection technology through digital creative projection.

The immersive and interactive experience transports visitors to a wonderful lunar world, where a variety of shifting light patterns, sometimes appearing as glowing flowers or other shapes, appear under their feet as they move at pace. And at nightfall, the giant moon slowly descends!

Through digital creative projection, the park creates a highly immersive projection scene that instantly puts visitors right in the middle of it. The combination of interactive projections and art installations creates a fully immersive and interactive scene.

In this theme park, guests will be surrounded by a dreamlike lunar landscape. The stars twinkle overhead and the sky sheds light as if from another world. Visitors can stroll around at will and experience the marvelous beauty of nature. At nightfall, the moon rises slowly, emitting a soft glow that illuminates all corners of the park.

Through digital creative projection, every corner of the park is filled with different art installations and interactive displays. Visitors can touch, play and explore these artworks to their heart's content, releasing their inner creativity and imagination. The projection technology allows for a perfect blend of art and reality, allowing every visitor to participate and create their own work of art.

Spend a romantic and unforgettable night in the "Super Moon" theme park. It not only brings entertainment and excitement, but also leads visitors into a world full of imagination and fantasy. Everything is perfect and unique when visitors laugh and smile in this dreamy land at nightfall.

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