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3D Interactive Experience Installation Gives Airports a Whole New Level of Fun

2023-08-26  199

As one of the world's busiest hubs, Los Angeles International Airport receives more than 60 million travelers a year, but it also faces some embarrassing problems. With the increase in traffic, security checks have become more stringent, resulting in travelers having to spend longer periods of time waiting and possibly even experiencing flight delays. This situation has led to a worsening experience for travelers. Therefore, it has become a real challenge to alleviate this problem and give travelers a new perspective on airport waiting times, making this time fun and meaningful.

Journeys are often thought of as romantic, and so should waiting times at airports. As travelers wait for their flights, they are surprised to find an oasis of tranquility and harmony, with water flowing between floors and walls interacting with travelers, as if bringing romantic travel destinations close at hand. This is due to the seven 3D interactive experience installation and gobo projector equipment designed and installed in the new terminal. The 3D Interactive Experience Installation creates a breathtaking airport spectacle that showcases romance, magic and the beauty of travel.

The design team worked for 16 months to produce and install over four hours of video content. The team's large-scale filming across three continents, along with the talented cast and elaborate set design, resulted in an interactive real-time 3D stereoscopic interactive projection.

The modular design of the content allows the system to be updated instantly, following new content, sponsorships and creative changes. Through the modular approach, travelers are able to choose how to engage with each media at key moments based on its unique characteristics, conveying the emotional arc of the travel experience through storylines and interesting interactive components. For example, real-time weather data, clocks and travel information are incorporated into the video content, where the nature of the media is to inform, while the passenger's experience is to enjoy a work of art, making the airport an inspirational place for creativity and enjoyment.

By introducing 3D interactive experience installation, LAX has created a fun and exciting environment for passengers to experience a unique sensation while waiting for their flights. From now on, the airport is no longer just a boring transit point, but a destination for travelers to look forward to and start enjoying every moment of their journey. This innovation makes airports fun and leaves travelers with unforgettable memories.

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