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Projection interactive wall of different forms of expression

2023-08-09  188

Projection interactive wall has a variety of different forms of expression, let the ordinary wall shine, and add interest. The following are some of the common forms of projection interactive wall:

Graphite interactive wall: this is the more common interactive wall form in the exhibition hall. Drawings and interactive signs are drawn on the wall in advance, and users can make the drawings more vivid by simple touch. Combined with the text on the wall, it realizes the effect of content publicity.

Projection Fusion Interactive Wall: Realize large-area interactive projection effect through interactive projection technology. All the image pictures on the wall are realized by gobo projector projection. Some popular interactive games can be utilized in this form, such as interactive ball smashing and projection rock climbing. These games attract users with novel forms of expression and enliven the atmosphere of the scene.

Interactive Graffiti Wall: Interactive graffiti wall is another form of projection interactive wall, which is popular in showrooms, children's parks, libraries and other places. This kind of wall inspires children's interest in painting and exercises their hands-on ability. Children can interact with their own paintings on the wall, which is highly interesting.

Interactive wall combining sound and light: The projection interactive wall combines sound and light technology to create the ultimate visual and interactive experience. Visitors can immerse themselves in the magical light and shadow, creating a dreamy atmosphere. This type of wall incorporates rich picture effects to mobilize visitors and provide a basis for attracting popularity.

These different projection interactive wall forms bring an innovative experience to exhibitions and entertainment venues, attracting the attention and participation of the audience.

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