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Interactive projection: a magical experience to explore infinite possibilities!

2023-08-06  207

Interactive projection technology is an innovative technology that combines virtual reality technology and motion capture technology, including the forms of ground interactive projection, desktop interactive projection and wall interactive projection. Through interactive projection technology, people can interact with the projected image in real time, creating an amazing interactive experience.

Ground interactive projection is a gobo projector suspended from the top to project the image onto the ground. When people enter the projection area, the system recognizes their movements, enabling participants to interact with the virtual scene on the projection screen using their feet or movements. The interactive projection on the ground can present a variety of effects such as water ripples, flipping, collision, erasing, avoiding, following, etc. Viewers can interact with the images on the ground through their body movements, bringing a new and strange experience.

Wall Interactive Projection, on the other hand, projects art videos onto the facades of landmark buildings through giant wall projections. Participants can physically interact with the content in the projected image, creating a whole new interactive space. Wall interactive projection can bring unique advertising and entertainment effects to participants, enliven the atmosphere, increase the technological content of the display, increase the popularity of the site, and have a good publicity effect.

Desktop interactive projection works similarly to ground interactive projection and wall interactive projection. Mainly game-oriented, through the projection screen specific area of the game participants in the movement or gesture changes, the execution of specific game action or produce specific game effects.

Interactive projection technology attracts a lot of attention for the following reasons:

Innovative special effects display: Interactive projection adopts novel special effects display, which is suitable for science and technology museums, exhibition halls or entrances, and can create the atmosphere of the display. Various types of special effects are available, and unique thematic effects can be created according to demand.

Flexible projection area and shape: interactive projection can freely adjust the area and shape of the projection area according to the needs of display effect and creativity. Novel interactive methods and high precision. The system can dynamically combine the display of participants and ground images in real time, so that the images can change synchronously with the audience's participation.

Open up new forms of advertising: Interactive projection technology provides new opportunities for innovative forms of advertising distribution. Interactive projection system is a new form of interactive advertising and entertainment that can be used in public places to attract the attention of the audience with its novelty and entertainment.

Overall, interactive projection technology provides an amazing experience by creating real-time interaction with the projected image. Floor interactive projection, wall interactive projection and tabletop interactive projection, 3D stereoscopic interactive projection, and other forms of display have attracted the attention of many people, demonstrating innovation and entertainment as exhibitions, advertisements and entertainment.

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