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Where is the projection of the water-waving projector beautiful

2021-12-16  491

It is not strange for someone who uses a water-waving projector to lighten the projects. The water-waving projector, floodlights and wall washer are all used as lighting fixtures. Compared with the traditional floodlight, wall washer light, common beam light and stage lights, the water waving projector is a new product so that it is easier to attract the attention of customers. And the water-waving projector also belongs to the atmospheric light, and it can play a role in landscaping in lighting. As the requirements for beauty in landscape lighting are becoming more and more stringent, it is very necessary for lighting lamps for landscape lighting to be used in light. And it is equipped with 3 functions of “lighting, dynamic and special effects.” It is also commonly used in outdoor lighting applications more and more frequently.


There is no doubt that many people don’t know where the water-waving projector uses; where is the projection of the water-waving projector? The water-waving projector looks good wherever it is used. It depends on the color of the outside world, the water-waving projector is not monochromatic, and full color can be selected, and it can also change the color. We can customize the water waving projector according to the customers’ requirements, and the dark color should not be blended with light color. For example, red should not be blended with gray; light color can be blended with light blue water lights for better results.


The water-waving projection can be divided into indoors and outdoors. All in all, the water-waving effect will be better indoors. Using the water-waving projector indoors to create an atmosphere is better, especially in bars, Qingbar, KTV and other entertainment venues.


Although the water waving projector is also used outdoor, the effect is not better than indoor effects. The water-waving projector is used indoors to create a better atmosphere, and the entertainment venues can better retain customers so that customers can produce secondary consumption.

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