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Why choose projection lamp products for outdoor advertising?

2021-12-17  450

We need to understand why outdoor advertising and publicity choose projector as the medium of publicity. First, we must understand the meaning of outdoor advertising and analyze what products do we need to achieve the purpose of advertising. The following is the publicity purpose of outdoor advertising.


1. Achieve the effect of brand promotion and establish brand image. Outdoor media can reply to the surrounding environment, huge space for expression and outstanding creative design to convey the unforgettable shock to the audience.


2. Carry out publicity and promotion. Shopping malls and other places carry out publicity, promotion and discount promotion activities to form a conversion. In addition, outdoor advertising promotes product preferential promotion activities, and it is easier to attract potential outside customers to the store for consumption. Of course, outdoor media has other uses, such as promoting new products, promoting cooperation and enhancing brand reminiscence. So why choose projection lamp products for outdoor advertising?


The above is the meaning of the outdoor advertising projector. Outdoor advertising is the display of brand promotion or preferential information to form an instant conversion and the promotion of the brand to form brand precipitation. The projector products have the characteristic of high brightness and long projection distance. The projector is a novel advertising method, and it is easy to attract the attention of customers and produce the possibility of eyeball consumption. And projector products are also more economical than other products. Compared with traditional light-box advertising, projector lamps products have lower prices, lower energy consumption and lower installation requirements. And it can use in harsh environments.

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