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What multimedia interactive equipment can be applied in stage art?

2023-08-20  208

When organizing major festivals, stage performances are no longer limited to traditional forms, but gradually integrated into the multimedia interactive elements to bring the audience a stunning visual experience. So in the stage art, we can see what multimedia interactive applications?

1、 LED screen is one of the most common multimedia interactive display equipment. Its use in stage performances is very common, whether it is a large party or a small event, we will see the figure of the LED screen. In the huge performance, LED screen can play the movie, with the help of its content rendering the scene atmosphere, and with the corresponding stage performance, in a new form in front of the audience, bringing more surprises.

2、Holographic projection is a highly regarded multimedia interactive methods in recent years, can also be applied to stage performances. On the stage, we can use screen projection, so that actors and screen image interaction, to create a wonderful scene, and in the process of display, but also be able to present more interactive effects.

3、The application of floor tile screen is just like the interaction on the ground. When the performer steps on the floor tile screen, will produce the corresponding effect, the effect of the ground interactive projection and the performer's action combined, for the audience to present a series of amazing scene, enrich their visual experience.

4、Gobo projector is also a common form of multimedia interaction. The projection lamp can project various patterns that match the theme of the program, thus increasing the atmosphere and effect of the program.

With the continuous progress of technology, the multimedia interactive on stage is also becoming more and more diversified, bringing the audience a more novel interactive experience, enriching their visual enjoyment, and bringing more heartwarming performances.

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