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Overview of the reasons for the blurring of the ground interactive projection screen

2023-07-25  181

With the popularization of ground interactive projection in daily life, we are able to see various animation effects in large shopping malls or entertainment venues, bringing people a new interactive experience. However, in the process of using it, we may encounter the problem of unclear picture or insensitive interaction, so what exactly is the reason for these problems?

First of all, the ground interactive projection can not be used on the ground with strong direct light. It needs to be displayed on a matte fabric floor (usually a light color, such as white or cream). Secondly, the projection area of the gobo projector should be between 3 and 4 meters, or even 3 to 8 meters, 4 to 6 meters or 6 to 8 meters if seamlessly networked. In addition, the projector should be hung at a height of between 3 and 4 meters from the ground. What's more, the brightness of the projector should be selected according to the needs of the environment, and the brightness should not be lower than ISO 2000 lumens.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ground Interactive Projection

1、 ground interactive projection is optical sensing equipment, so the surrounding environment needs to be considered. The surrounding environment should not be too bright, should not be directly exposed to sunlight or too much interference from spotlights, and should not use highly polished floor tiles, because these factors will lead to the phenomenon of inductive insensitivity.

2、If there are frequent flickering halogen or incandescent lamps in the environment, it will lead to optical sensing failure. (Note: Other cold light sources, such as fluorescent lamps, LED lights, energy-saving lamps are not affected.)

3、once the position of the camera and projector is fixed and debugging is completed, the position cannot be changed, otherwise it will lead to inaccurate positioning and need to be re-commissioned.

In short, factors such as ambient light, projection ground and projector's brightness may lead to the emergence of unclear picture or unresponsive interaction. In order to ensure the good effect of ground interactive projection, we should fully consider these factors when choosing the projection ground and projector, and make adjustments according to the actual needs. Only in this way, we can get a clear and sensitive interactive picture and bring the best interactive experience for people.

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