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Screen projection to help you create a dream scene

2023-07-22  226

The creation of dream scenes cannot be separated from the pursuit of creativity and innovation. In performances and exhibitions, in addition to the content, unique elements are needed to attract the attention of the audience. Gauze projection, as one of the forms of holographic projection, is popular for its lightweight and translucent properties, and has become the first choice for many performances and events.

Gauze projection can be made of either gauze-like thin curtains or very fine wire mesh, and is often used in exhibition halls or important stage scene setups. Nowadays, screen projection is more and more widely used in the field of stage art, and its characteristic of realizing a dream scene combining reality and fiction makes it appear more and more in the field of exhibition.

The principle of screen projection is to project the video or picture content onto the screen through the gobo projector, with the help of the display form of projection imaging. Gauze curtain made of mesh material curtain, through the projector will be dynamic video or pictures projected onto the gauze screen, so that the image directly suspended in the free space outside the device, and to achieve the oversized display, free from the traditional limitations of the solid-state LCD TV screen.

Due to the illusory characteristics of veil projection, when used in occasions requiring a darker environment such as stages or weddings, it can hide the veil itself and display only part of the picture, resulting in a stunning three-dimensional sense of three-dimensionality.

Gauze projection not only provides high definition and true color reproduction, the strong sense of three-dimensionality also brings the audience a visual impact of novelty and mystery. It can stimulate the audience's curiosity and desire to explore, and play a role in gathering popularity, deepening the impression of visitors and improving the effect of displays.

Due to the high translucency of the screen, it can keep the brightness and saturation of the picture, and the audience can even see the objects behind through the screen. The secondary imaging of the translucency makes the image float in the air, creating a dreamy and brilliant picture effect. At the same time, combined with the LCD TV screen behind the screen, a double visual effect can be realized, combining art and high technology perfectly together, highly ornamental.

In the stage performance, the screen is often used to show the scene environment. By projecting light from behind the screen to the scenery, it can show the hidden characters and spatial environment, and easily show the dreamy virtual scene.

With its unique characteristics and excellent effects, screen projection has become the ideal choice for creating fantastic scenes. Whether it is a performance or an exhibition, screen projection can bring unprecedented visual experience to the audience, presenting a fascinating and fantastic world for people.

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