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The Advantages of Ground Interaction in Children’s Playgrounds

2023-08-20  218

With the continuous development of digital technology, children's playgrounds are gradually moving in the direction of technology. Among them, ground interactive projection is popular in children's playgrounds as a kind of puzzle game suitable for children of all ages. So, what are the unique charms of the ground interactive game?

Ground interactive projection is realized through a gobo projector, which projects the image content on the display ground. When the user enters the infrared sensing range, the user's behavioral operation will be quickly extracted and transmitted to the ground interactive projection system through Interactive projection technology for real-time processing and analysis, and at the same time, the display effect will be reacted to the specific display.

Ground interactive projection is not only suitable for users of all ages, but also displays a variety of content. In shopping malls, restaurants in the common fish and water interaction, is the more classic type of ground interaction. But in the children's playground, the ground interactive game content will be more closely related to the theme of children's entertainment, projection content is more inclined to childish and fun.

Colorful, lovely appearance is an important factor to attract children. The convenient way of operation of the ground interactive projection has made it gain more fans. Unlike other interactive games, ground interactive games do not require cumbersome operation steps, allowing users to get started quickly.

The application of ground interactive projection in children's playgrounds has made a significant contribution to attracting traffic. The personalized and customized display effect as well as easy installation and removal fully demonstrate the charm of modern technology! Through the ground interactive projection, the children's playground can not only have a unique game experience to attract more users, but also bring more business opportunities for the playground.

The advantages of ground interactive projection not only lie in its innovative technology application, but also in its ability to provide rich and diverse game content and convenient operation. These advantages will bring more development space and business value for children's playgrounds, creating a happier and more interesting entertainment experience for children.


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