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The Difference Between Projector Lamps and Reflector Lamps

2023-08-12  206

Perhaps you are no stranger to gobo projector, but relatively few people are familiar with imaging lamps. As a matter of fact, the projection lamp is evolved from the basis of the mapping lamp, and there is a similarity in the function of the two products, both of which are used to project patterns into the external environment by means of projection. At the same time, Imaging Lamps are also known as Imaging Projection Lamps and are a member of the projection lamp family. Picture projection lamp is a kind of high power projection equipment, which can project beautifully changing patterns and words, and is widely used in the lighting of ancient buildings and environmental beautification.

Imaging lamps are mainly used in lighting engineering projects, because it usually only has high-power products, there is no small power models. Therefore, it is usually only used in lighting engineering projects. The projection lamp is different, it has both high power products and low power ones. Small power projection lamps can be used as advertising projection lamp  for store advertising and store atmosphere creation projects, while high-power projection lamps can be used as large advertising projection light, applied in lighting projection projects. It can be seen that the application range of projection lamp is wider compared with imaging lamp.

The functional characteristics of imaging lamps are as follows:

1. Realize any pattern/text/logo/advertisement slogan on any media for advertising, which can be advertised on traditional advertising carriers such as light boxes, posters, stickers, banners, signs, etc. where it is difficult to realize or the cost is too high, such as on the ground, ceiling, store entrance and walls. At the same time, it can strengthen and supplement the existing advertising carriers, so that you get the best publicity effect.

2. Unique way of publicizing with a difference. By differentiating itself from other existing advertising carriers (such as light boxes, posters, bills, banners, signs, etc.), the Imaging Lamps make your publicity immediately stand out from traditional media and become the focus of attention.

3. High brightness dynamic display. The brightness of the imaging light is much higher than other lighting fixtures such as fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lights and low-power spotlights, making your display a highlight in dim and unlit environments. Especially at night and in low light environments, complemented by the dynamic display of patterns, it can increase the browsing rate of customers. Compared with traditional equipment, the effect that can be achieved by projecting a picture light onto a wall from a distance cannot be ignored.

These are the differences between projector lights and picture lights. Despite their different functions, they both project patterns by means of projection for the purpose of external display. By understanding the difference between the two, choose the right lighting equipment according to your needs.

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