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About outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns need to pay attention to matters

2023-08-13  239

Outdoor lighting fixtures play an important role in city lighting projects, enhancing the city's brand image and beautifying the city's night scenery. In order to ensure the good performance and long life of outdoor lighting fixtures, you need to pay attention to the following aspects in the process of use:

1、Power supply method: choose LED lights with special switching power supply, avoid using the power supply method that prevents decompression to ensure the life and stability of LED products.

2、Anti-static measures: In the manufacturing process, attention should be paid to anti-static measures, such as employees wear uniform work clothes, anti-static rings, anti-static gloves, etc., to maintain the humidity of the working environment. Installation of anti-static ionized fan can effectively prevent static electricity damage to the LED, and improve work efficiency. At the same time, the choice of high-grade lamps with high anti-static properties is also a good choice.

3、Temperature impact: the use of LED quality by the temperature has a greater impact. When the temperature rises, the LED light source internal resistance will become smaller, the regulator will increase the working current, more than the rated current will affect the quality of the LED or even lead to burn. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a constant current source of power supply to prevent LED lamps and lanterns affected by temperature.

4、Waterproof problem: for outdoor use of lamps and lanterns, especially outdoor projection lamps, LED underwater lights, LED high-power wall washer, gobo projector, etc., waterproof treatment is very important. To be airtight, moisture-proof treatment to ensure that the lamps and lanterns of waterproof performance, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life and effect of LED lighting.

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the city night lighting business has made rapid development. The city lighting project not only plays a lighting role, but also has a decorative role, which promotes the continuous development of outdoor lighting fixtures. By paying attention to the above issues, you can ensure that outdoor lighting fixtures in the city lighting project to play the best effect, and mutually set off the beautiful night scenery of the city.

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