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How big can a large advertising projection light project a pattern?

2023-07-11  303

How big is the projection size of a large advertising projection light? The large advertising projection light produced by Shenzhen Noparde Projection Light Co., Ltd. can project a thousand square meters of images on a single unit, and multiple gobo projector lights can be stitched together to form a huge advertising image. The large advertising projection light generally refers to the product with larger projection power, through the way of fusion and stitching, to achieve a large range of advertising projection functions such as building projection, giant picture projection.

There is no specific standard about how large a pattern can be projected by a large advertising projection light. Giant projection is actually achieved by fusion and stitching, so we can keep fusing and stitching to project the desired pattern according to the demand. However, if we consider the other side of the coin, i.e. how large a pattern can be projected by a single projection lamp, there are clear standards. The size of the pattern projected varies from lens to lens, usually using a 0.33x lens, which means that the imaged pattern is about 0.33m in size when projected at a distance of one meter.

If you have a need for huge pattern projection, you can get a detailed projection plan. We will provide a fusion splicing solution for giant advertising projection according to your actual needs. Ropard projection light has the ability to develop and produce large advertising projection lights, and can provide projection solutions according to the needs of different customers' projection scenarios. Whether it's a giant advertising projection on a facade, a city landmark projection or a lighting projection on a building, we can provide support.

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