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Various ways to match stores and advertising projection lamps

2023-07-12  226

With the continuous development of science and technology, nowadays stores and shopping malls in many cities are decorated with a variety of advertising projection lamp. However, the use of advertising projection lamp can be not only limited to advertising, today I would like to introduce to you the many ways to match stores and projection lamps.

First of all, if you are worried about new customers coming and not being able to find the location of your store, you can install a guide light in the lobby or at the elevator entrance. Such guide lights are clear and crisp and can help customers find the store quickly, making your store less difficult to find.

Secondly, if you feel that the advertisements of your store are not attractive enough, the advertisement projection light can easily help you to enhance the publicity effect of your store. Whether it is the store name, Logo, copy or phone number and other contents, all of them can be displayed through the gobo projector lamp. Moreover, projection lamps are suitable for stores and scenes with different decoration styles, and they can also attract children's attention and add a little bit of fun to your store.

In addition, if the interior decoration of your store looks dull and ordinary with little character, you can use text projection to add personality to your store. You can project some personalized texts, verses, lyrics or patterns to make the store less monotonous and more interesting.

In addition, if you feel that the store front is not bright enough, you can consider using the master of ambience creation - water ripple light. This kind of light has a romantic water ripple effect that can light up the store front and give a feeling of flowing water ripples, which is more lifelike. By using water ripple lights, you can easily create the ambiance of your store.

For some stores that are located far away, you may worry whether the use of advertising projection lamp is affected. Don't worry, there are now high-power projection lamps specially designed for big venues, which can easily project up to 300 meters and are able to present a huge advertising effect. You can customize the projection content as you like, including photos, logos, phone numbers and copy, etc., for a more innovative and rich content update.

In addition to the above mentioned ways of matching, there are many other interesting ways to play waiting for you to discover. Advertising projection lamp is not only a decorative tool, it can also help you to enhance the publicity effect of your store and attract more customers. I hope the above introduction can bring you some inspiration and help you make better choices in store decoration and publicity.

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