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Monolith Projector

2023-08-28  257

The boulder projection is rendered in real time by a computer program, and the "boulder"-like structures feature moving images of waterfalls and flowers that are always changing. In just one hour, visitors will experience the buds growing, opening and fading throughout the year. In addition, the monolith incorporates images of flowing water to accommodate the movement of nearby viewers. Each element of the artwork is a one-of-a-kind computer-generated image.

This boulder projection installation attracted many viewers with its unique creativity and technical approach. People were mesmerized by the different forms of the "boulders", as if they were in a fantasy world of flowers. The patterns on each boulder were constantly changing, conveying the fragile yet beautiful moments of nature. In this illusory space, people's attention is completely captured, as if time has been stopped.

This boulder projection installation has been praised as a masterpiece of art combined with Interactive projection technology. The computer program presents the viewer with a colorful and immersive picture in a real-time rendering process. The shape of the boulder resembles a masterpiece of nature, while the patterns on its surface are the result of artists' creativity. Visitors stop in front of the installation for a long time, scrutinizing the details of each boulder as if they could feel the life force contained in it.

The Boulder Projection is a unique way of showing the beauty and diversity of nature. It combines nature's flowers with a flowing water feature, showing their birth and demise through computer-generated images and projected images from a gobo projector. The audience is transported into an illusory and mysterious world, experiencing the unusual beauty of nature together with these megaliths.

The originality and innovation of the Megaliths projection installation is breathtaking. It utilizes computer technology to achieve infinite variations of the artwork, bringing an immersive art experience to the audience. Both in terms of shape and content, the installation left a deep impression and became one of the jewels of contemporary art.


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