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Kinetic Ground Projection Version 2.0

2023-08-28  155

Kinetic Ground Projection 2.0 is a kind of ground interactive projection technology, which realizes human-computer interaction through video motion capture technology and the Interactive projection technology of gobo projector. It is not only used in common projection games in life, but also allows players to easily manipulate the game through body movements, bringing a fantastic game world that is both realistic and fun.

Features of Dynamic Ground Projection 2.0

1、Vivid and diversified images

Kinetic Ground Projection 2.0 retains the original beautiful picture, and integrates human body motion capture technology into it, which makes the display more vivid and adds fun. In this way, players can immerse themselves in a marvelous and dreamy world.


Compared with traditional projection, Kinetic Ground Projection 2.0 retains the image or video of the original projection, but it has a unique and interesting nature, which brings a lot of fun to users. In practice, Kinetic Ground Projection 2.0 brings a lot of freshness and fun to consumers.

3、Flexible customization

Kinetic ground projection 2.0 has a wide range of application scenarios, which can be used to walk on the water surface and create water ripples; walk on the grass and watch the flowers blooming at your feet; or stroll in the woods and startle the flying birds in bursts. It is suitable for a variety of public indoor places, especially for amusement parks, children's amusement parks and indoor playgrounds. According to different applications and actual needs, Kinetic Ground Projection 2.0 can customize different effects for you.

4、Attracting popularity

Kinetic Ground Projection 2.0 has a high degree of novelty and spectacle, which can effectively enliven the atmosphere of the scene and become a good way to gather popularity.

Through the improved version of Kinetic Ground Projection 2.0, we bring the ground interactive projection technology to the extreme, so that players can participate in it more easily and happily. Not only does this technology make the game more lively and fun, it also provides flexible customization capabilities to meet the requirements of different occasions and needs. Whether in playgrounds or indoor venues, Dynamic Throw 2.0 will be a great tool to attract popularity. Let's enter this marvelous game world together and feel the endless fun and freshness.


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