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Advertising Projection

2023-08-29  220

Advertising projection is an innovative project for the advertising industry, which utilizes advanced technologies such as gobo projector, remote control and multimedia digital to play advertisements in a regular or irregular way, and is mainly applied in the fields of station advertising (such as railway stations, airports, ferry centers), holographic window projection advertising and subway It is mainly used in station advertising (such as train stations, airports, ferry centers, holographic window projection advertising and subway advertising, etc.) to solve the problems of traditional advertising broadcasting in a single way and long replacement period.

There are some limitations in traditional advertising forms, such as being placed in specific locations and not being able to change the content at any time, while advertisement projection is able to break through these limitations. Advertising projection using a projector to project advertising content to the designated scene, the projected content can be text, images, animation, video and other forms, and can be replaced at any time according to demand. This flexibility greatly improves the effect and attraction of advertisement broadcasting.

Advertisement projection is mainly used in site advertising, such as railway stations, airports and ferry centers and other busy traffic places. By projecting advertisements in these places, it can effectively attract people's attention and deliver the advertiser's message. Compared with traditional poster advertisements, advertisement projection can not only display rich and diversified contents, but also increase the audience's experience through sound, light and shadow effects, etc., and thus enhance the brand image and product awareness.

In addition, advertising projection is also widely used in the field of window advertising. While traditional window advertisements need to change the content manually, advertisement projection can be controlled remotely to realize the instant update of the content, which effectively improves the diversity and variability of the advertisement form. By displaying dynamic advertising projection in the window, it can attract more consumers' attention and stimulate their desire to buy.

Subway advertising is also one of the application areas of advertising projection. Due to the high traffic volume and dense flow of subway, the use of advertising projection can reach a large number of audiences in a short period of time. For example, if advertisements are projected on the walls of subway stations, people will be attracted to them when they pass by, thus improving the exposure and memory of the advertisements.

In short, advertising projection is a new type of projector, remote control and multimedia digital creative projection technology for advertising. It is suitable for site advertising, window advertising and subway advertising and other fields, solving the problem of single and long replacement cycle of traditional advertising. The flexibility and diversity of advertisement projection can not only attract people's eyes and enhance their memory and resonance to the advertisement content, but also enhance the brand image and product awareness.

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