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Interactive Projection Graffiti Wall – Get Your Creativity Moving!

2023-08-09  187

AR Interactive Graffiti is a new technology that combines scanners, touch screens, tablets and cell phones. It not only works with all types of electronic devices, but also lets you draw as you wish. We have developed 7 colorful holographic scenes that make this technology even more compelling. This product realizes the fusion of graffiti and Interactive projection technology to create a three-dimensional nurturing game. The game contains a variety of themed scenes where children can paint the animals with their favorite colors. After completing the painting, the animals seem to be given life and appear vividly in the scenes. Children are just like the magic brush Ma Liang, through the magic brush to create a variety of vivid animal images. Each scene also supports virtual roaming so that children can experience the scene immersively.

In addition, this system also supports customized drawing models, where the images you draw can be transmitted to a large screen and then touched for interaction.

The interactive projection graffiti wall has a variety of ways to play:

1、Projection Painting: Composed of a gobo projector and a large projection wall (or LED screen), children can use coloring cards to color on the interactive projection graffiti wall. After completing the painting, children will be able to see the image they created appear in the wall projection world. In addition, children can also touch interaction.

2、Magic Pen Dump Cool: It is composed of multiple multi-touch tables and a large projection wall (or LED screen). Children can graffiti and coloring on the touch table, the drawn image can be thrown directly from the touch table to the large screen, instantly make the image "become alive", you can also touch interaction.

3、iPad/iPhone wireless painting mode: through any number of iPad or iPhone devices and the wall of large-scale projection wall to form a wireless transmission interaction. Children can color in any one of the iPhone or iPad graffiti, after completing the painting, just gently to the direction of the large screen flick the device, the painted image will immediately be given "life". In addition, it also supports touch interaction.

The interactive projection graffiti wall allows creativity to move, stimulating children's imagination and creativity. Whether it's projection drawing, magic pen flinging or iPad/iPhone wireless drawing mode, it provides a fun platform for kids to draw. Let's enter this marvelous world together and release creativity and dreams!

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