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Advantages of AR Interactive Projection Graffiti System

2023-08-09  212

AR interactive projection graffiti system has the following advantages:

Multiple drawing methods: AR Interactive Projection Graffiti System supports scanner, touch table, iPhone and iPad, etc. Users can choose the drawing method that suits them, or link multiple methods at the same time.

Customized drawing templates: Users can add their own drawing templates, just make the templates into PNG images and put them into the designated folder. This allows you to add your own drawing templates to the system to match your personal style.

Multi-Person Painting Mode: The touch screen version supports 4-player painting mode, which allows more than one person to participate in painting at the same time, increasing interactivity and entertainment.

Configure the main character scene roaming screen: AR interactive projection graffiti system supports customized configuration of the main character scene roaming screen, and you can set the ratio of the roaming screen, so that the user is free to adjust the screen display effect.

Realistic scene effects and interactivity: AR interactive projection graffiti system provides realistic scene effects with more than 30 elements that can interact with users. Users can touch the screen to interact with the animals in the scene or choose not to interact. The system utilizes low-cost camera interaction technology or uses radar interaction technology to provide an outstanding experience.

Various Scene Themes: The AR Interactive Projection Graffiti system provides 7 different scene Interactive Projection Graffiti Wall themes, including the Ocean Pavilion, Colorful Forest, Ice World, Spooky Halloween, Bustling Town, Ancient Dinosaur World, and Interactive Graffiti City Edition. Users can choose different themes to play according to seasons and preferences.

High-quality projection: The system supports seamless fusion of multiple gobo projector, which can realize long, L-shape or U-shape projection shapes, and the images will not be distorted or deformed.

High recognition: The system adopts QR code recognition technology, which accurately recognizes the animals every time they are scanned.

Independent R&D and customization support: The system is independently developed by a professional team, and also supports customized development according to user needs.

Brand promotion: The system supports customized logo addition, users can add their own brand logo to the projection screen to achieve the effect of brand promotion.

AI photo function: The system supports using AI to take photos and display them on the screen, countdown 5 seconds to take a photo, and take photos of multiple people in the same frame with clear effects. Whether you use iPad, touch screen or scanner to draw, you can upload photos and display them.

These advantages make the AR interactive projection graffiti system an innovative and multi-functional entertainment and brand promotion tool.

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