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Interactive projection ads are displayed in a myriad of ways

2023-08-26  251

With the rapid development of the digital age, traditional forms of publicity and advertising can no longer meet people's needs for innovation and personalization. Interactive projection advertising is attracting more and more attention as a new way of publicity. Compared with traditional print ads, interactive projection advertising is more attractive and innovative. Through strong visual effect and interactive sense, it brings a brand new publicity experience to the audience. The application of modern information technology allows people to not only stay at the level of viewing the advertisement, but also be able to feel the products in it. This way compared to the traditional form is undoubtedly more impressive. In addition, the display process of interactive projection advertising is very convenient, only need to replace the projection material picture can be used repeatedly, thus further saving costs.

The common Interactive projection technology on the market mainly has the following ways of display:

1、 holographic display cabinet

Holographic Display Cabinet system consists of cabinet, three-dimensional display equipment, holographic glass and video sources. Through the principle of refractive imaging, the three-dimensional model of the product is introduced into the display equipment, and then the half-empty display state of the product is reflected on the holographic glass. Holographic advertising machine, also known as holographic fan, utilizes holographic projection technology, which allows you to view the display content from any angle and see the three-dimensional effect without 3D glasses. Holographic display cabinets are suitable for shopping malls, movie theaters, gyms, exhibition halls, retail stores and other places, which can bring three-dimensional and cool effects for product promotion.

2、ground interactive projection

Ground interactive projection can display advertisements and product information on the roadside, sidewalks, teahouses, coffee shops, supermarket entrances, hotel lobbies, store floors, plazas and other places, attracting people to stop and watch. And children running and playing on the projection screen can create a charming atmosphere and increase interactivity.

3、3D building projection

Building projection utilizes multiple gobo Projector to project the advertisement screen onto the surface and outer wall of the building, showing the dynamic effect through the three-dimensional digital content. This way can vividly display special effects animation, full of sense of technology and innovation, and bring visual impact.

The arrival of the digital age has made interactive projection a new way of advertising, which is not only more attractive, but also able to provide a rich visual experience and a sense of interaction. The emergence of various interactive projection methods not only brings more creative possibilities to the media industry, but also brings more efficient display and lower cost for advertising. It is believed that with the further development of science and technology, interactive projection advertising will play a more important role in future market competition.

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