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Holographic outdoor shaped building projection: leading the new wave of creative marketing!

2023-08-06  164

Holographic outdoor shaped building projection as a striking way of publicity, making full use of the geographical advantages of the building and the huge projection screen, bringing a new visual experience, and becoming one of the most novel and eye-catching creative marketing means in today's era! Holographic outdoor shaped building projection is widely used in tourist attractions special effects display, activity scene shaping, commercial areas, large exhibitions and brand conferences.

There are many types of outdoor architectural projection show, of which the shaped projection is a popular type of technology in the display lighting design. With its exquisite and varied appearance and changeable form, shaped projection can fully utilize the space of the exhibition hall and bring the audience a stunning and novel feeling.

With the improvement of people's aesthetic requirements, the traditional square display method has been difficult to arouse the interest of the audience. Shaped projection display shows the following characteristics in showroom design:

Holographic outdoor shaped building projection is a display form combining multi-channel projection fusion technology and real objects, through the gobo projector fusion technology to make the projection content perfectly fit to the car, building, sculpture and other shaped objects.

Shaped projection is not subject to the limitations of the display surface, can be realized on the surface of any object projection, non-traditional display to quickly attract the attention of the audience, to achieve a good diversion effect.

Holographic outdoor shaped building projection is full of dynamics, can display a large range of pictures on the surface, and correct the deformation of projection pattern on the surface, create a special surface or even spherical panoramic image, bring unprecedented dream experience.

Multi-angle projection enhances immersion and transforms 2D video into 3D effects. Dome and other shaped projection technologies can present earth-related science knowledge in a complete way, bringing a more intuitive experience to the audience.

Holographic outdoor shaped building projection enables viewers to enjoy the object projection content in 360° from different angles, creating an unforgettable visual feast. It is not only a creative marketing tool, but also an important driving force to lead the new wave of creative marketing!

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