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Difference between stage canopy lights and gobo projectors

2023-08-06  213

Stage Canopy light and Gobo Projector are two different lighting fixtures that differ in function and application.

Stage Canopy Lights are fixtures used to illuminate stage backdrops and are designed to provide an even, bright and colorful lighting effect. It usually uses LED technology and features high brightness, multi-color, color switching circuits, even illumination and wide angle projection. The main function of led stage canopy light is to create background lighting for the whole stage, creating the atmosphere and effect of the stage.

And gobo projection light is a kind of lighting equipment used to project patterns or images. It usually uses a special optical system and gobos or image sheets to project the gobo or image onto a specific surface by Projection lamp technology projecting light. Gobo projection lamps can be used on stages, buildings, landscapes and interiors. It can create a variety of patterns, shapes and images that can be used to create a specific atmosphere, decorative effect or to convey a specific message.

Unlike a stage canopy light, a gobo projection light focuses more on projecting a specific pattern or image in a specific area. It has a relatively small projection range and focuses on a precise pattern projection effect. While the stage canopy lights are more concerned about the lighting effect of the whole stage, it has a larger projection range and is used to illuminate the background curtain of the stage.

In summary, the stage canopy lights and gobo projector lights are different in function and application. Stage canopy lights are mainly used to illuminate the background curtain of the stage, creating an overall lighting effect; while gobo projection lights are used to project specific patterns or images, focusing on the precise projection effect. Both play different roles in stage lighting and decoration.

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