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What are the factors that affect the size of the projection pattern of the advertising projection lamp?

2023-07-09  272

First, the lens size of the projection lamp

The larger the lens of the gobo projection lamp, the larger the area of the projection pattern under the same projection distance. According to the power of the projection lamp to choose the appropriate lens size, generally speaking, the greater the power, the larger the lens size is relatively. If there are questions about the lens size of different power logo projection lamps, you can consult the relevant salesman.

Second, the projection lamp product projection distance length problem

The projection distance is an important factor in determining the size of the projected advertising pattern. The longer the projection distance, the larger the projected advertising pattern content; and the shorter the projection distance, the smaller the size of its advertising pattern. When choosing projection light products, you need to consider the factor of projection distance in order to get the ideal size of advertising pattern.

Third, the focal length problem

The longer the focal length, the larger the projected pattern area; and vice versa, the smaller the projected pattern area. However, in practical application, after determining the projection distance, generally will not change the size of the projected pattern area by adjusting the focal length. This is mainly because adjusting the focal length may lead to unclear projection pattern and affect the clarity of the advertising content.

Fourth, the projection lamp installed on the size of the gobo and content issues

The gobos installed on the projection lamp generally have different sizes, such as 60, 90, etc. The projected area of the gobos of different sizes will also have some differences. Please choose the suitable gobo size to get the required area of the advertising pattern. Even for the same size gobos, the size of the content will be different when projected on different projection lamps.

In summary, the size of the gobo can be changed by adjusting the lens size, projection distance and focal length of the projection lamp. Choosing the right lens size and projection distance, as well as different sizes of gobos, will help to achieve the desired area of the advertising projection gobos. When making adjustments, the clarity of the advertising content needs to be taken into account to ensure the quality of the projection pattern.

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