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What are the popular forms of lighting design for cultural tourism night tours?

2023-07-08  208

Cultural tourism night tour is getting hotter and hotter, has become a standard project of tourist attractions. In today's high-speed iteration of new technology, the technical means of sound and light and water, land and air audiovisual experience gradually become the main theme of the cultural tourism night tour lighting design, so what are the common lighting design mode of cultural tourism night tour?

A, lighting + experience

In the cultural tourism night tour, lighting design is often combined with the experience to bring different emotional feelings according to the theme of the scenic spot as the goal. By using the lighting expressiveness of gobo projector, designers can create a shocking visual effect, or romantic atmosphere, to bring visitors a pleasant visual enjoyment and artistic experience. Lighting art has developed into an independent art genre, with artificial light source as the main medium of art form, and its unique charm is irresistible.

Second, lighting + scenery

In addition to lighting, lighting design also needs to be combined with the scenery of the scenic area to create a unique atmosphere. By screening the elements in line with their own tonality, designers cleverly use lighting scenery to create a completely different mood and feeling between day and night. This design mode adds depth to the experience of cultural tourism night tour, allowing visitors to feel the charm of the scenic spot more deeply.

Third, light + water show

Water show is one of the common elements in the cultural tourism night tour, through the combination of lighting and water show, can create a visual feast of day and night linkage. Water show has various forms, such as water curtain show, digital water curtain, music fountain and water show special effects. During the day, the panoramic musical fountain brings a beautiful experience for visitors, while at night, the water curtain, laser, music and other multimedia art for visitors to present the electric light and shadow, as if in the immersion of the water show lighting experience.


The lighting design mode of cultural tourism night tour is diverse, each design has its own unique charm and expressive power. Whether the combination of light and experience, the integration of light and scenery, or light and water show echo each other, can bring visitors different feelings and enjoyment. In the future, with the continuous innovation and development of technology, the lighting design of cultural tourism night tour will also become increasingly diversified, bringing people a richer visual feast. Let us look forward to more surprises in the design of the cultural tourism night tour lighting!

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