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Elevator Projection Advertising

2023-08-24  142

While waiting for or riding in an elevator, most people stare intently at the elevator doors and floor displays. The effectiveness of the advertisement depends on the visual "focus" of the audience. So, where should we "focus" the audience's eyes? Let's think about where our eyes usually go when we ride in an elevator. I'm sure most of us would think that our eyes are mainly focused on the elevator door. However, for LCD screen video advertisement, it is a difficult thing to install it on the elevator door.

So, our only option is to project print ads. Putting print ads on elevator doors is a very effective way because it meets the habits of elevator users and solves the most important sight focusing problem encountered by traditional ads.

Elevator advertising projector is an innovative advertising medium that solves the challenges of traditional elevator advertising in attracting the audience's attention. By projecting video advertisements on elevator doors, it can attract the attention of elevator users and increase the exposure and effectiveness of the advertisements.

Elevator advertising Projector usually adopts DPL (Digital Light Processing) projection technology with high picture quality and brightness, which can present clear and vivid advertising content in a limited space. Compared with traditional print advertisements, Elevator projection advertising is more attractive and interactive, which can better deliver the message and arouse the interest of the audience.

In addition, Elevator projection advertising can also enhance the effect of advertising through sound output. Sound advertising can attract more attention and enhance the audience's memory and cognition of the advertising content.

Elevator advertising projector is an industrial-grade quality standard gobo projector with small size, lightweight and easy to install, which is very suitable for use in elevators. It can bring new media forms to the elevator advertising industry, providing more creative and interactive ways of displaying advertisements.

The elevator advertising projector is expected to occupy a certain market share in the elevator advertising industry in the next few years and become a popular advertising medium. However, factors such as the cost, maintenance and management of the projector need to be considered before implementation and to ensure the quality and attractiveness of the advertising content to achieve the desired advertising effect.


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