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How can holographic projection technology be used to enhance immersive experiences?

2023-08-24  237

Holographic projection technology is widely used to create immersive experiences in exhibitions and historical and cultural centers. This technology enables the audience to better feel and understand the connotation of culture, improve perception, and enhance emotional resonance to culture through visual, auditory, and emotional stimulation of the senses.

On the one hand, historical and cultural displays are often associated with iconic landscapes, buildings and natural environments. In exhibition design, holographic projection technology can be utilized to display these relevant scenes, enriching the visual experience of the pavilion and making the audience feel as if they were there. Even in cases where it is not possible to move the actual landscape into the pavilion, interactive projection can create realistic virtual scenes. holographic canopy projection, curved curtains, dome curtains, ring curtains, L-shape curtains, single-side gobo projector systems, and other forms of projection installations are commonly used to display ancient landscapes, creating a picturesque effect for reinforced-concrete pavilions.

On the other hand, some precious relics can be digitally displayed through holographic projection. Calligraphy, painting, posters and other exhibits are not conducive to protection and viewing when displayed in exhibition cabinets for a long time. Through high-precision digital scanning and color filling, and then presented in the form of holographic projection, the audience can observe the details of the works up close, greatly enhancing the display experience. This kind of display avoids the risk of exposing precious relics to light and air for a long time, which is conducive to the protection of cultural relics.

At present, the holographic projection technology in China has matured with low cost and excellent imaging effect, and has been widely used in immersive experience space. It has become an indispensable means of display for exhibitions and historical and cultural centers, bringing a more immersive experience to the audience. Through holographic projection technology, exhibitions and historical and cultural centers are able to better convey the value of culture, cultivate people's sentiments, enhance people's perception, and allow audiences to understand and appreciate the charm of culture more deeply.

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