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Advantages and characteristics of elevator projection advertising

2023-07-17  188

Elevator projection advertising is an emerging form of elevator advertising, and its novel advertising form and unique location give it unique advantages and features. Next, let's learn more about the advantages and characteristics of elevator projection advertising.

1、Product Description

Elevator projection advertising is the use of optical projection technology, through the gobo projector, the advertising picture will be displayed on the ground, giving people a feeling of a new form of advertising. At the same time, the advertisement screen projected on the ground is large in size, more than one meter in diameter, with clear and complete display effect and very high brightness.

2、 the location is very eye-catching

Usually, they are installed at the entrance of the building in the channel, which is every resident in and out of the home must pass through. Due to the uniqueness of the location, 100% of the advertising information is conveyed to the audience. When residents travel between the doors of the building, the projection screen on the ground and the surrounding environment formed a huge color contrast, it is very easy to attract people's attention, leaving a deep impression.

3、the picture is very clear

The materials used in the projection equipment are all imported glass sheets for ultra-high precision laser engraving and environmentally friendly materials for production. This high-quality material ensures the clarity and splendor of the advertisement picture, so that the advertisement can be completely and clearly displayed in front of consumers.

4、With lasting display effect

Elevator projection advertisement is different from elevator poster advertisement in that it does not need to place the picture in a specific frame, but only needs a projection equipment, which is able to show the picture anywhere on the ground. Moreover, it can be played 24 hours a day without wiping the screen or worrying about damage, and has a long-lasting display effect.

Overall, elevator projection advertising demonstrates many advantages and features with its innovative form and unique eye-catching location. It displays advertising images on the ground through optical projection technology, with clear and bright images that can effectively attract people's attention. The choice of its unique location ensures 100% reach rate of the advertisement, making it more influential. At the same time, it does not require a specific frame and can be played anywhere on the ground with a lasting display effect. The emergence of elevator projection advertising brings brand new possibilities for the advertising industry, and the future development prospect is unlimited.

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