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Projection Evacuation Indicator Light

2023-08-24  208

Projection evacuation indicator light is a kind of Safety warning projection light which is used to guide people to escape quickly and orderly to protect personal safety in case of emergency.It has the projection function, which can project the pattern or text of evacuation instructions on the wall or the ground in case of emergency, and improve the evacuation efficiency and safety of people.

The principle of the projection evacuation indicator light is to utilize a gobo projector to form a clear projection on the wall or floor. Through the built-in control module, it automatically triggers the projection function according to the emergency situation, projecting a clear evacuation instruction pattern or text to guide people to escape quickly.

At the same time, the Projection Evacuation Indicator Light can also be connected to fire alarm systems, security monitoring systems and other equipment through wireless communication networks to realize intelligent control and monitoring, and improve the emergency response and accuracy of the lamps.

A large shopping mall chose the projection evacuation indicator light as the evacuation indication equipment during the renovation. During the trial operation after the renovation, a fire broke out in the mall and the fire source was located in the elevator room. When the fire broke out, the projector-type evacuation indicator in the mall immediately projected patterns such as "Emergency evacuation, turn left" to guide people to avoid the fire scene and evacuate in an orderly manner.

As the projection pattern is clearly visible, people quickly find and choose the appropriate escape route, successfully evacuate the dangerous area, and ultimately avoid a greater disaster.

The projected evacuation indicator is widely used, especially in high-rise buildings, underground transportation projects, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and other crowded places. It can provide more intuitive and clear evacuation guidelines to guide people to quickly escape from the accident scene and reduce casualties and property damage.

Compared with the traditional evacuation indicator, the projected evacuation indicator has the following advantages:

1、 the projection type evacuation indicator can provide more clear and intuitive instruction information, whether in normal times or in emergency situations, can guide people to quickly find a safe channel;

2、the installation and layout of the projection type evacuation indicator is more flexible, can be flexibly adjusted according to the site space and demand, improve the projection range and coverage area of the evacuation indicator;

3、 the projection evacuation indicator light can also realize remote monitoring and management through intelligent monitoring and control system, which greatly improves the operation efficiency and safety of the evacuation indicator light.

In the future, the projected evacuation indicator light will be more widely used, and through the linkage with other intelligent devices and the combination of the Internet, to realize a higher level of security and services.

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