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What lamps are generally used for stage canopy lighting

2023-08-05  133

When doing large stage advertising projection, the gobo projector will be used with led stage canopy light. Stage canopy lighting usually uses specialized LED canopy lights. The background curtain of the stage, also known as the canopy, needs to be lit evenly to enhance the effect and atmosphere of the entire stage. The uniformity, brightness and color vibrancy of the stage canopy lighting will have a direct impact on the live effect of the stage.

LED canopy light is a kind of lamps and lanterns specially used for stage lighting. It is usually installed at a distance of 1.2 m to 1.5 m from the background of the stage or the canopy.LED canopy light is mainly used to irradiate the large area of the background curtain, applicable to the stage, theaters, performance halls and lecture halls and other places. Due to the lighting requirements of the canopy set, LED canopy lights have the following characteristics:

High brightness: led stage canopy light needs to have enough brightness to ensure that the lighting effect of the background curtain is bright and vivid.

Multi-color: LED canopy lights usually have a variety of colors to choose from, and can be transformed into light colors. Generally speaking, LED canopy lights can provide 4 to 6 different color options to meet the lighting needs of different backdrops.

Color switching circuit: LED canopy lights usually have multiple color switching circuits, which can achieve a variety of color combinations and switching to create a richer and more diverse lighting effects.

Uniform lighting: stage canopy lights need to achieve uniform lighting effects, to ensure that the entire backdrop can be properly illuminated, without uneven light and dark.

Wide angle projection: led stage canopy light usually has a large projection angle to ensure that it can irradiate a large area of the entire background curtain.

Overall, stage canopy lighting generally uses specialized LED canopy lights. This kind of light has high brightness, multi-color, color switching circuit, uniform lighting and wide angle projection and other characteristics, can meet the lighting needs of the stage backdrop, combined with the use of large advertising projection light, to enhance the effect and atmosphere of the stage performance. Through the application of led stage canopy light, we can create a rich and diverse, impressive stage lighting effects.

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