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Advertising Projection Lamps – History of Projection Lamps

2023-07-30  164

Advertising Projection Lamps - History of Projection Lamps

Projection light is a technology applied to the art of light and shadow by using giant outdoor projection equipment to project an image onto a building wall, creating a huge image area of up to 1000㎡ to 10000㎡.

Projection lamp technology can be used in a variety of outdoor environments, such as building facades, public buildings and stadiums, as well as indoor environments, such as large exhibition halls, museums, theaters, tents and warehouses, both day and night.

Since 1996, the projection lamp technology has been widely used in all kinds of large-scale celebrations, sports events and business promotion activities. It has officially landed in China as a brand new form of night lighting and advertising.

There are various ways to put the gobo projector.

1、It can be used along the road, sidewalks, building facades, general walls, glass curtain walls, large supermarket entrances, hotel and theater lobby floors, windows, store floors and squares, etc., to attract consumers' attention.

2、Businesses located on the second floor and above can project the advertisements to the street or sidewalk on the first floor to attract more consumers and make up for the lack of a storefront.

3, a building or the same floor, a number of stores can share a projector to publish their own advertising, suitable for entertainment and commercial buildings in the PUB, KTV, MTV, tea houses and cafes.

4, the projection lamp technology can also realize the continuous rotation of the content to form a running advertisement effect, suitable for stores or owners who need to advertise a variety of products, such as cell phones, automobiles, the record industry, bookstores, wedding dresses, restaurants, sports shoes, wine merchants and department store activities.

5, you can use a location to do a variety of products to promote, by projecting images on the ground to attract the attention of children, so it is suitable for children as the main consumer object of the store, such as children's clothing and air mattress beds and so on. Restaurants can also be a new weekly menu made into a negative, played on the store wall or window sidewalk pavement.

6, projection lamps are also suitable for many industries and places, such as PUB ballroom, department stores, wedding dress industry, car display center, lighting music rental owners, large exhibitions and games.

The history of the development of projection lamps is only a few decades, but the scope and mode of application of projection lamp technology has become increasingly diversified, bringing new ways of publicity and expression for all walks of life. Whether outdoors or indoors, the value of the projector light is highly for their ability to create unique visual effects and bring new feelings and experiences to people.

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