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Cultural Tourism Projector Effect Picture Display

2021-09-30  401

There are plums in the snow and the willows in the smoke. From winter to Spring, everything is developing in a good direction.
As the weather becomes better and better, will you go out for a walk in the evening breeze after a busy day?


The Taohu park projector under construction in Nanjing, Jiangsu, in China, as a people’s livelihood projector, can improve the living environment while protecting the Yangtze River. It will become the central park and city card of this area in the future. Before they bought 50 sets of Noparde cultural Tourism projector to project peach blossom pattern. The following is projecting peach blossom pattern.


Not only can we look at the peach blossom forest with the fragrance of flowers on the shore, but also we can see some lifelike peach blossom on the floor when going for a walk in the evening. With the fragrance of flowers and spring breeze and the peach blossom forest on the shore. How intoxicated you are!


Not only can the Noparde cultural projector project the peach blossom, but also can custom other patterns.
Cherry blossom all over the floor


Butterflies flying all over the sky


Autumn ginkgo leaves


Firefly Forest in Summer Evening


The romantic ripples of blue waves


These can create a unique cultural tourism night tour project!


The above are some projection effects, more projection effects and any doubts, please don't hesitate to us!

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