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The difference between laser projector and led projector

2021-09-29  688

The laser refers to the projector that uses the laser as a light source. In our first impression, the laser is a weapon, but it’s wrong. A laser as a weapon, it’s different from the projector light source.

The lasers used in weapons are also widely used in society, and the laser used in the weapon has been practiced. Various laser ranging and laser sighting have assisted weapons such as tanks and airplanes; Industrial products used as a light source include projectors, laser TVs, etc. Below, we will tell you the difference between the laser projector and the led projector.

Laser projector:

When led light source projector products come out, laser projectors are often used. The laser light source is a light source that uses the photoelectric effect to make exciting particles emit light under the action of stimulated radiation. The laser light source is completely different from the bulb source and the led light source. First, the color of the laser is very pure, and its monochromaticity is more than 10 times higher than that of the common light source. It should be noted that all the requirements of laser light source are higher because of the high color temperature of the laser light source, and the higher heat dissipation performance requirements will lead to the higher cost of the laser projector products, so the laser types projector products are generally used on large equipment worth 1600~16000 dollars.


Led projector:

The led light source is pure in the 21st century, with low energy consumption and low color temperature. In recent years, the development of the led light source has become more and more mature, and the price has become lower and lower. After development, the led light source projector can have a service life of up to 50,000 hours. Compared with the laser light sources, they have a longer life, lower color temperature and lower cost. Naturally, the price sold is lower. The following is an advertising projection.


Summary of the difference between the laser projector and led projector:

1.Laser projector is suitable for the use of super high-power projector products. In general, it’s used in the categories of 3d projection and 5d projection. The category is used in stage light construction. The remarkable feature is that it doesn’t need to be used for a long time, and it’s generally required when creating stage lighting.


2.Led projector products are suitable for use by customers who pursue natural color, long life and use of the projector.


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