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3D Stereoscopic Curtain Wall Projection (3D Mapping)

2023-08-29  158

3D Mapping, also known as 3D projection technology, is sometimes called Facade Mapping, 3D building projection, 3D building art, 3D sound image projection and so on. It can break the boundaries of physical space, so that the surface of the object and the animation are perfectly combined, bringing a strong visual impact. Tall and wide buildings or buildings are usually chosen to display projection technology and special effects phantoms.

This is a relatively new projection technology that can turn almost any object surface into animation. Through a single or multiple gobo projector composed of integrated visualization system engineering, including display objects, projectors, advanced simulation graphics computing clusters and related accessories, you can achieve a highly realistic and stereoscopic three-dimensional scene with music and sound effects to achieve a shocking effect. Currently this mapping technology is mainly used for art display and commercial projection.

3D Mapping projection technology is a new form of media, combining Interactive projection technology with special effects illusion to form a magnificent live magic show. By projecting the projection image onto the object, market planners and advertisers can create a surreal scene that attracts the media and a large number of tourists to gather around, and achieves good publicity effects through communication. This is a kind of large-scale interactive exhibition art activity that appeared in recent years, with striking light and shadow changes and amazing visual sensation, with shocking sound effects, it has become an eye-catching form of interactive performance.

In order to achieve the best projection effect, the surface of the building is usually chosen at the beginning, which on the one hand can clearly show the difference between before and after projection, and on the other hand, because of the larger area of the building, it is more capable of letting the audience feel the fantastical and shocking visual effect. This kind of artistic performance gradually combined with commercial use, targeting the needs of the advertising market.

In the era of market economy, commercial advertisement is crucial, which relates to the future of products and companies. Although we emphasize the competitiveness of the product itself, the promotion and marketing of the product is also crucial. 3D Mapping will become the most powerful advertising and marketing means in the future and will be more widely used in the market.

It can be used for the anniversary celebration of an enterprise or the opening ceremony of an important event.

Combined with mapping show, it can better display products and attract customers' interest.

Through the mapping show of famous local buildings, it can beautify the city image, show the history and culture, and promote the city.

3D mapping is widely used in art performances such as launching conferences, concerts, music festivals, light festivals, opening ceremonies, etc. It is especially suitable for showing grand scenes.

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