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Unique Projection Art–Shaped Projection

2023-08-29  154

Shaped projection is a unique decoration design system that utilizes multi-channel edge fusion technology to highlight changing shapes and create stunning effects. It enhances the atmosphere and tone of the entire exhibition display by using dynamic projections on shaped surfaces. Thus, Holographic outdoor shaped building projection was born. With the help of the shaped building projection system, we can capture the contours of the shaped object, create a special dynamic movie based on the contours, and finally, through the multi-channel edge fusion software, perfectly fit the projection onto the shaped surface as if the shaped object itself was emitting the light. Whether it is the shape of a car, the appearance of a sculpture or a shaped wall, shaped projection can be easily realized.

The principle of shaped projection is to utilize a fusion machine mask to generate plug-ins and manually circle the area that needs to be highlighted on a chart, then use that chart to create a video, which is then projected through a gobo projector.

Designers with shaped projection systems can let their imaginations run wild and create a unique visual experience by projecting on a variety of shaped surfaces such as walls, columns, and car bodies. Whether it is an exhibition hall, museum, shopping mall or theater, shaped projection can add a bright landscape to these places.

In an exhibition, an ordinary painting or photo is difficult to arouse the interest and resonance of the audience. And the appearance of alien projection brings a brand new way of displaying for the exhibition. By combining the projection with the alien objects, the picture presents a unique three-dimensional and dynamic sense, which makes the audience feel as if they are in the alien world. This unique visual effect can attract the audience's attention and make them more focused on enjoying the content of the exhibition.

Not only in exhibitions, alien projection is also widely used in stage art performances. Actors can perform against the background of the projection and interact with it to give the stage a three-dimensional and realistic effect. The audience can feel the performances of the actors immersively, which enhances the shocking power and ornamental nature of the stage performances.

The appearance of alien projection undoubtedly brings designers new creative ideas. They can utilize the shaped projection system to make ordinary objects different and create amazing decorative effects. Shaped projection not only makes the decoration more exquisite, but also adds an artistic atmosphere to the indoor and outdoor environment.

In the future, shaped projection technology will continue to develop and innovate. I believe that with the progress of science and technology, we will be able to see more exciting and varied shaped projection works, to bring people a richer and more diverse visual enjoyment.

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