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Which scene is the dynamic water waving projector suitable for?

2022-01-19  592

The dynamic water waving projector products integrate with the landscape through the online projection of water ripple to show a variety of beautiful scenery.

Many customers may have learned about the beauty of this dynamic water waving projection from other places or experienced the beauty of this dynamic water waving on the spot. But we have to know some scenarios in which the dynamic water waving projector is not suitable for use. The following are some scenes where a dynamic water-waving projector can't be used.

1. On the lake surface or the pavilion landscape on the lake surface: It is mainly a safety issue. The integration of water ripples and the surrounding landscape can easily cause customers to misunderstand and cause safety problems.

2. Projection on the water surface: because of the characteristics of led light, the effect of the projection on the water surface is not good. It is not recommended to choose a water-waving projector for projection.

3. It is not recommended to use the comfortable place of the leisure bar. Not everything beautiful is suitable for any scene. When going to a leisure bar, this type of customer is relaxed. Hence, the atmosphere we provide to customers outside is also comfortable, this kind of occasion is suitable for small fish lights, or some carousel-type projection is more appropriate.

And some dynamic water-waving projectors can be used in lighting projects in the following places.

1. Building exterior walls of commercial premises.


2. Near the fountain: the water ripple integrates with the fountain, and the shock presented can only be experienced by being in it.

3. In the garden: the projection of the water waving and fountain is integrated with the garden's landscape.

The above is the use of the water waving projector, which can create the atmosphere, improve the overall the customers' experience and improve the probability of customers' return visits in the place. A real example is the landscape project in Shenzhen, China.


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