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Dynamic water waving projector manufacturer-Aladdin

2022-01-20  676

Noparde brand projector is a professional manufacturer of water waving projector in Shenzhen in China, which has the R&D and production capacity of water waving projector of various powers. It can assist various project tenderers and participate in bidding.

The water wave projector manufacturer integrates the production, research, and development of the water wave projector. The water wave projector is projected and reproduced according to the written scene of the rippling water. The color of the water wave projector can be displayed in multiple colors, changing people's traditional thinking, enhancing users' attractiveness, and exerting the effect of eyeball economy.

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The large-area water ripple projection is a highly shocking visual enjoyment experience. The following are some application scenarios suitable for dynamic water wave projectors.

1. Lighting project: The water wave projector has a wide range of application scenarios in the lighting project. The large-scale water wave projector makes people feel like being on a rippling lake enjoying the beauty of nature, but commercial factors are also deeply rooted in customers' minds.

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2. Using for scenic spots: the scenery is integrated with the rippling scene of the water wave projector, giving customers a dreamy visual experience.


3. Using in the aquarium: the aquarium uses water wave projectors to make customers feel like they are in an ocean.


4. Using for the lighting: the hotel uses a water wave projector to integrate its advertising into the water culture. It greatly improves the effectiveness of advertising and brings more potential customers.


The water wave projectors can be projected in so many places, so what are the characteristics of the water wave projector? The following are the characteristics of a dynamic water wave projector.

1. The dynamic water wave projector uses led light as the luminous source. Led is the light source with the smallest energy consumption. As you wish, the dynamic water wave projector also has low energy consumption and low energy consumption. And Noparde brand uses the Philips power supply, which can further reduce energy consumption in the case of low energy consumption.

2. The dynamic water wave projector adopts imported lamp beads from American Cree. The led lamp beads have a long life and high brightness, long projection distance and large-scale projection without dropping frames.

Noparde brand projector is a professional water wave projector in Shenzhen in China, which can customize the water wave projector according to the customers' requirements. If you have any needs and doubts about the water wave projectors, please don't hesitate to us!

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