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Which brand of the advertising projector is good?

2021-12-27  489

The advertising projector products are now novel advertising projector, and it is equipped with high-efficiency projector effects. With the market’s increasing requirements for advertising display elements, traditional outdoor advertising can no longer meet the diversity of advertising, so advertising projector products came into being.

As the luminous source, the advertising projector products use led lamp beads, using the principle of light refraction imaging and engraving the projected display content on the projector by engraving the lamp. The advertising projector is very popular with customers for its novel display styles and high-brightness display effects. The following is the process of producing projection lamp.

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The development of each industry will attract all kinds of capital, and capital is responsible for the investment. For traditional industries, capital is not a panacea. Therefore, it will eliminate some projector companies that don’t have their professional level. An advertising projector is a form of advertising that has only developed in recent years. After 2 years of development, some companies have already emerged whose product quality and service quality are at the leading level in the industry. The following is the most famous brand of advertising projector in the industry.

1. The Noparde projector. The Noparde projector has been developing advertising projector for decades, and it can develop and product projector. And it has the ability to customize the development of the projector. Noparde projector uses Cree’s imported lamp beads and Meanwell power supply. The Noparde projector has a service life of 50,000 hours. The independent patented honeycomb heat dissipation technology can ensure that the projector will not drop frames or color during long-term uninterrupted use. The following is the Noparde projector product.

2. Wharton projector. Wharton projector and Noparde projector belong to one of the earliest companies in the projector industry.

3. Starcom projector. It is similar to the Noparde projector, both of which were companies engaged in projector production during the same period.

For the advertising projector of these 3 brands, the Noparde is better; Wharton focuses on overseas markets. Maybe everyone understands overseas that the power and circuit requirements of any product used overseas are different from those in China.

If you directly use overseas standard advertising projector products in the country, the service life and effect of the projector products will be greatly reduced. Starcom projector pays attention to stage lighting. Only the Noparde projector focuses on the advertising projector projection.

And Noparde projector also set up a research and development department for advertising projector, and it has to implement customized advertising projector products according to the requirements of different customers! The following is the projection lamps ordered by Nopardeprojection lamp customers.


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