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What should be paid attention to when choosing projection patterns in stores?

2021-11-13  775

Stores projector refers to the advertising projector. In order to the stores' profits, many shoppers would purchase the stores' projector to drain, no matter whatever all kinds of physical stores, it can use the stores' projector products to drain. It also increases traffic and overall sales of the stores. However, many customers have doubts about the projector when choosing the projection pattern. What should be paid attention to when choosing projection patterns in stores, and what should be projected in the stores?


Choosing the stores projection patterns, we should pay attention to:

For this issue, we need to consider it from multiple angles. First, you have to clarify your original intention to buy a projector, whether for a drainage to be outdoors or to enhance the atmosphere indoors to encourage customers to increase the overall consumption. Whatever you choose the projector, the patterns and the power are very important. We will take these two factors to answer for everyone what color to choose for the stores' projector.


1.If choosing a projector for outdoor use, you must choose a dark or colorful pattern for projection, and the brightness must be high. And it has better attract customers' eyes naturally. Thus it will affect the eyeball economy.


2.If choosing the stores' projector to improve stores' overall atmosphere, there will be many directions to choose from. And you can select different colors according to different occasions. For example, the tea bar is suitable for light-colored patterns. If the wall is blue, you can choose a light blue pattern that is enlarged.


3.We can also select the stores' projector according to the desired atmosphere of your industry, such as Chinese patterns, European and American patterns and youth styles.


4.Special industries select the projection patterns according to customers' age stage. For example, customers in bathing stores are generally in the range of about 30~50 years old. This type of customer can attract more life and enjoyment, and the specific projection patterns can stimulate their brain to think.

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