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What kinds of projection light sources are available?

2023-07-12  251

In the development of gobo projector lights, there have been a variety of light sources for projection light products. However, the prices of projection light products with different light sources are different. Some merchants may take advantage of this point of projection light source to make an article, do not indicate the light source of the projection lamp, or through the text to confuse the public. Below we will introduce the more used projection light source series in the market.

The more used projection light sources in the market now are laser projection light source, LED projection light source and halogen projection light source. Halogen projection light sources are similar to incandescent lamps, but the halogen light sources used in projection lamps are brighter and require more power. Each of these three projection light sources has advantages and disadvantages and is used in different situations.

First, projection lights that use a laser light source are able to image without a carrier. This type of projection light is often used to project advertisements or patterns at high altitudes. The advantage of the laser light source projection lamp is that it can project without a carrier. However, it consumes more energy and has a shorter lifespan. This is a common problem of all laser projection lamps, even if the heat dissipation is done well, no material can withstand the use of laser projection lamps for a long time because the temperature inside the lamp body is still high when it is in use.

Secondly, there is no obvious advantage to using a halogen light source for a projection lamp. Halogen projection lamps require high power, consume a lot of energy, and are costly and bulky. They are usually sold on a rental basis because no customer is willing to spend a lot of money on a halogen projection lamp before using it only once or twice.

Finally, LED light source projection lamp products are the more used products in the industry today.LED light source projection lamps consume less energy, cost less, and are available in both low and high power. It is also more flexible in terms of usage because the lamps are small and easier to install. It can be said that LED light source is the most ideal choice of projection light source among the three.

Overall, there are a variety of projection light sources to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to choose a projection light source that suits your needs. For businesses, understanding the characteristics of different projection light sources can help them gain an edge in the competitive marketplace. For consumers, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different projection light sources can help them make informed purchasing decisions.

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