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Can you make your own projection lamp pictures?

2023-07-13  163

To find out if it is possible to make your own projection lamp pictures, we need to first understand how projection lamp pictures are made and the process of making them. Only then can we know specifically whether it is possible to make them with your own hands.

The working principle of projection lamp pictures is to use optical refraction to magnify the internal pattern, and then project it onto a special glass sheet through a lens. Making projection lamp pictures requires the use of laser engraving tools to record the patterns on these special glass sheets. However, the average individual is not equipped with a laser engraving tool, so it is not feasible to make your own projection lamp pictures.

Projection lamp pictures can be classified according to the color of the pattern as single color pictures, two color pictures, three color pictures and full color pictures. Different types of gobos are suitable for different scenarios. Single and two-color pieces are mainly used for regular logo projection, while single and three-color pieces can already meet most of the needs. Full color sheets can produce any kind of gobo, such as portraits, landscapes, etc. The specific choice depends on individual needs.

In addition, since the gobo bearing material used in gobo projector lamps can only carry a single color. Therefore, if you want to produce multi-color gobos, you need to make each color into a separate lamp sheet, and then display them on top of each other in order to achieve the multi-color effect.

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