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Turnpike Indicator Projection Lights

2023-07-30  170

Fork in the road indication projection light greatly improves the navigation problem of shopping centers. In the past, people shopping malls often due to the wide site, cross aisles and lost their way, and some even walked around and could not find the exit, to many shopping mall guests to bring some trouble. In addition, the traditional solution is usually to make physical signs, and then fixed on the wall or standing on the floor, which is not only inconvenient for customers to walk, but also occupy space. With the advancement of technology, we can project the required information directly onto the wall or floor by means of a gobo projector, which completely replaces the physical signage and does not take up any space. Simply mount the projector light at a specific location on the ceiling or wall for precise navigation. For example, for a stairway with three forks, it would be impossible to place physical signage in front of each stairway, as this would block access. The projection indicator light can clearly and accurately indicate the fork in the road in front of the stairs, which is very conspicuous, and it can also be paired with Safety warning projection light, which projects safety warning slogans and improves the safety of public areas.

The fork in the road indication projection light solves the pain point of shopping center navigation through technological innovation. It not only saves space, but also provides a more convenient navigation experience. Customers no longer need to worry about getting lost, just with the projection on the light can easily find the desired location. This new technology is not only applicable to shopping centers, but also other public places. For example, airports, hospitals, exhibition halls, etc., where there are usually many locations and people often do not know how to get to their destinations. With the fork in the road indication projection light, these problems are solved, making it easier for people to travel, and also improving the service quality of the place.

The flexibility of the three-way indicator light is also one of its advantages. By designing diverse projection contents, they can be personalized according to the needs of different occasions.

For example, at the intersection of floors in a shopping center, light projections can be used to display the popular products of the day or areas for promotional activities, attracting the attention of customers and guiding them to buy the goods they need. In the corridors of a hospital, a floor plan of the hospital can be projected to make it easy for patients and visitors to find the departments they need.The fork in the road indication projection light can be customized to meet the needs of patients and visitors.

All in all, the three-way indicator light solves the problem of navigation in shopping centers and other public places through projection, which is not only convenient but also space-saving. Its flexibility and versatility make it not only a navigation tool, but also a publicity medium. How to buy shopping for advertising projection lamps , please contact us.

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