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Introduction of projection lamp sheet

2023-07-29  226

Projection lamp is a kind of advertising lamps and lanterns that can hit a variety of patterns, mainly used in bars, discos, cafes, KTV and other stores, and commercially can be used for directional lighting, such as clothing stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, but also can hit the company's logo, used to create a unique lighting effect, and in the exhibition can highlight the promotional effect of the product or company image.

Advertising projection light must be matched with a light sheet to achieve imaging, projection light sheet is often called logo sheet or light sheet, placed in the gobo projector lamp or logo lamp, can project the pattern in the gobo, and can be customized with a variety of different projection light sheet.

Advertising projection light sheet can be made using materials such as film, patches and glass sheets. Film is easy to make, but has a short life, poor light transmission, low contrast, not suitable for use at high temperatures, easy to fade, and needs to be replaced frequently. Patch can not produce complex patterns, and can only display black and white two colors, the effect is not good. Gobos made of glass are made of high-density glass, coated with inorganic substances, high temperature resistant, not easy to fade, with a transmittance of more than 90%, clear outlines, and capable of producing very fine patterns. Therefore, when replacing gobos, it is best to choose gobos made of glass, and you can check our previous article on how to replace gobos for advertising projection lamps.

According to the different colors, the projection light sheet can be divided into single-color sheet, two-color sheet, three-color sheet and full-color sheet, which can be chosen by yourself according to your needs.

Two-color and three-color film is made of multiple monochrome film stacked into, which most of the monochrome film in the form of a logo, there are some more complex logo is multi-color, are able to display it very well. The effect of the full-color sheet is more perfect, and can produce any pattern, such as portraits, exteriors, photos and so on! Therefore, if you need to replace the complex pattern sheet, it is best to choose the three-color sheet.

Patterns can be any geometric shapes, the content can also include a paragraph of text, calligraphy, ancient poems or beautiful patterns, for different occasions can play a unique effect. Therefore, different gobos can be changed at any time according to the demand.

Through the application of projection lamps, we can express the message we want to convey with the help of light, create unique visual effects, enhance the atmosphere of the place and attract more customers. Looking forward to the development and application of projection light sheet in different fields to bring more creativity and value!

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