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What do I need to know when shopping for advertising projection lamps?

2023-07-16  176

Advertising projection lamps are becoming more and more widely used nowadays, however, there are still many people who are not sure what information they need to focus on when shopping for advertising projection lamps. Therefore, I have compiled the following small guide to shopping for advertising projection lamps, which I hope will help you.

First of all, you need to know if the pattern you need to project comes in several colors, which are classified as single color, two-color, and full color. Different color technologies will affect the price of the advertising projection light.

Next, determine the straight line distance from the projection surface where the gobo projector will be installed. This will determine how powerful an advertising projection lamp you need to choose to achieve your desired effect.

The third point is that the size of the gobo you wish to project will be affected by the distance and the luminous surface of the lens. Therefore, you need to consider this factor when shopping for a projection lamp.

In addition, the background color of the projection surface will also mainly affect the clarity and aesthetics of the pattern. Therefore, you need to consider the background color of the projection surface when purchasing advertising projection lamps.

At the same time, it is also very important to determine the light intensity of the environment in which the advertising projection lamp is installed (this issue must be clearly communicated with the sales staff). The intensity of the light will determine the brightness needs of the advertising projection lamp.

Next, it is important to determine whether the advertising projection light will be used indoors or outdoors. If it is for outdoor use, a waterproof feature is indispensable.

Lastly, it needs to be determined if the advertising projection light requires gobo rotation. Advertising projection lamps are categorized into stationary models and rotating models. When shopping for advertising projection lamps, you need to choose the right type according to your needs.


To summarize, as long as you pay attention to the above points, you will not have much problem to buy a satisfactory advertising projection lamp. Of course, the most important thing is to communicate more with the sales staff and express your needs clearly. Sales staff will provide you with the most suitable recommendations from a professional point of view. During the shopping process, you must fully understand and consider your own needs in order to find the most suitable advertising projection lamp.

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