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The water ripple projector lamp with little Sanya

2021-10-12  581

Maybe everyone has also seen the "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" by Mr. Jin Yong. The city of Xiangyang in the book is now the city of Xiangyang on the bank of the Han River. I had the honor to visit Xiangyang once a year ago!


The new year is approaching, the city of Xiangyang is covered with Lanterns and festoons everywhere, and it is filled with the festival's atmosphere. My friends want to go to the Little Sanya -- "we have a waterfront play in Yuliangzhou together, and we want to feel the joy of northerners in winter.


The happy waterfront in Yuliangzhou is located in the Hanjiang River, and we can see a long blue corridor winding up. When running over, it is a scenery covered in the water ripple projector by the Noparde brand. Many people say that the sea has a supper ability to cure a person's feelings. I think the Noparde water ripple projector is also equipped with this ability. The water ripple projector lamp is made of two transparent tempered glass with water ripple patterns, which are rotated and overlapped in opposite directions. The refraction of light and the principle of imaging will present a beautiful water ripple effect.


The beach and the riverside are covered with a realistic water ripple. The night of the Hanjiang River has a unique scenery and plus the evening breeze, and it makes people feel refreshed.

Even though it is night, many people are on the beach; the children run over and jump in the water ripple with happiness. The adults chat with each other sitting on the beach, and sometimes they take some pictures and videos, maybe they want to share the scenery with their lover!


Not far away, the high buildings and the lights of the Fengju Bridge are reflected on the water, and the dreamy Noparde water ripple projector and Hanjiang River complement each other. Clearwater wave has a feeling of microwave rippling under the evening breeze. Light and shadow are imaginary and real, and microwave rippling makes people feel mistaken for walking on the surface of the sea! It is appropriate to describe it as "I don't know the sky is on the water when I am drunk, and the boat is full of dreams pressing the galaxy"!


I saw a girl playing, the fireworks flew out in groups under the diffuse water ripple, and the fire trees and silver flowers were dazzling, which is a sense of Chinese New Year ceremony!


The romantic water ripple projector and Hanjiang River make us have a good memory, and we recommend it to you. If you have a chance, you can hang out in the Xiangyang, stroll along the avenue along the Riversides, go to the Hanjiang River to blow the evening breeze, play under the water ripple projector lamp, and see the places that Guo Jing and Yu Jin love!

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