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A scenic spot illuminated with a water wave projector

2021-10-13  962

In response to the country's "Chinese New Year in site" policy, I stayed in Shenzhen for the first time to celebrate the New Year.
To celebrate the New Year, I went to Shenzhen's famous happy valley with my friends.

If you don't do the strategy, and you will be dissuaded from the crowded scene. Fortunately, I was attracted by the romantic effect of the water ripple projector lamp.

Maybe some people know the Noparde water-waving projector lamp. It is made of two transparent tempered glass with a water ripple pattern, rotating and overlapping in opposite directions. The principle of light refraction and imaging will present a beautiful water ripple effect. Microwave rippling, sparkling, dynamic effects, scenic spots, and lighting projects are perfect for use.
It's a good choice for the theme parks lighting projects to use.

The summer is coming, and it's time to take a walk and have a trip at dusk. At the entrance of the scenic spot, they installed 2 Noparde water wave projector lamps. All the entrances of the scenic spot are covered with the water waving. The blue light ripple water wave seems to take away the summer heat directly as if walking into the underwater world. Please remember to say hello to the crab boss.

Whether the light is hard to control at night of the scenic or not, the light is too bright to lose the mood, the light is too dim, and it seems insecure. Especially, the children in the flowers beds on both sides of the road may be worried that a big bad wolf will suddenly jump out. But the brightness of the water wave projector lamp is just right. Compared with the wall-washed lamp, which mainly decorates the wall, the Noparde water wave projector lamp can project on the wall, the ground or the water surface in the flowers bed. The water wave projector is installed on the tree and projected on the ground. It can illuminate and easily create the romantic atmosphere, the scene and the virtual and the real and the ambiguous color is difficult to clarify with words!

If your lighting projects have an arch bridge, it will directly become the finishing touch in your projects- the arc or circular hole under the bridge, the waves are clear during the day, but it's dark at night, it is unavoidable that it is a pity.

This time we can use the water wave projector to cover the water surface under the bridge. The superimposed patterned projection lamp projected a crescent moon, and the "Shuiyuedongtian" came out on the paper! "the sparse shadows are slanting across the clear and shallow water, and the quiet fragrance is floating under the moonlight at dusk. Maybe it's just that!

The characteristic of Wanjin Oil of the Noparde water wave projector is suitable to use in the theme park! Projecting in the rockery, in the tree and on the road is a good picture. Easily creating a unique and romantic effect with a super cost-effective effect is better, and it takes your cultural travel night tour project to the next level!

The water ripple projector lamp with little Sanya Flying birds and sunset merge into a beautiful landscape projected by the Noparde projector lamp