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The value and price of projection lamps

2023-07-16  172

Many people in the purchase of projection lamp products will encounter the same problem: for a certain product, we believe that it has a broad market space, but feel that the price is too "expensive", so hesitate, or even choose to give up.

So, how do we assess whether a projection lamp is "expensive"? In my opinion, the criterion for evaluating whether a projection lamp is expensive or not is the value of the projector light. If the value of the projector light far exceeds its price, then it is definitely not expensive!

Have you ever heard of the famous law of two or eight? This law states that 20% of the people hold 80% of the wealth of society, while 80% of the people can only own 20% of the wealth. While there is no shortage of people with unique insights, there are very few who are able to analyze and make decisive decisions. Those who own the majority of society's wealth are value-oriented and apply their products in areas that maximize value.

Take our gobo projector products for example, everyone who sees the unique projection effect is blown away. However, some may only see it as a decorative accent. For others, they see the value of the projector light as a commercial tool that can earn profits for their customers. It is capable of maximizing its value as long as it can be used in the right areas.

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