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Cooling technology of the bright light projector: break the traditional thinking, realize the overall heat dissipation evenly

2023-07-15  193

Brightening lamp projector is a common gobo projector lamp equipment, its key problem is how to solve the heat dissipation problem. The traditional labeling of the life of LED lamps and lanterns only includes the life of LED particles, which does not accurately represent the life of the entire lamp. In fact, a set of lamps and lanterns also includes circuitry, power supply, drive and many other parts, in which the heat dissipation situation has a huge impact on the life of high-power lamps and lanterns.

Brightening lamp projector cooling technology, there are two main types: active cooling and passive cooling. In the past, high-power lamps and lanterns often through the structure of heat dissipation to achieve the cooling effect, that is, the optical module is integrated into a lamp body. However, the bright light projector takes a new design idea, dividing the whole into multiple modules, and solving the heat dissipation problem for each module, so as to realize the effect of more uniform overall heat dissipation.

The light source module is the key part of the bright light projector, which adopts high-performance materials that have been re-improved and developed. The performance of the raw materials has been greatly improved through the blending and modification of a variety of imported base materials. In particular, the packaging material has been developed to withstand temperatures up to 200°C. Not only is it more stable, but the light transmittance has also been improved.

The changes brought about by this new lamp design not only improve the overall heat dissipation effect, but also saves energy. In traditional thinking, the design of high-power lamps and lanterns focuses more on structural heat dissipation, while the bright light projector solves the heat dissipation problem of each module by separating the lamps and lanterns, thus reducing the overall temperature and energy consumption.

In addition, the improved brightening lamp projector cooling technology also enhances the stability of the luminaire. By improving the material properties and solving the light transmittance problem, the whole luminaire is more durable and reliable. Especially in high temperature environments, the brightening lamp projector can remain stable without overheating.

Brightening lamp projector cooling technology innovates the traditional design ideas to achieve a more uniform effect of overall heat dissipation. By separating the lamps, solving the heat dissipation problem of each module and improving the material performance, the lamps can not only work stably for a long time, but also significantly save energy consumption. In the future, brightening lamp projector cooling technology has a greater potential for development, will bring more innovation and breakthroughs for the lighting industry.

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