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The story of Yan’an Peony Garden and Noparde projector

2021-09-23  528

In May, the spring flowers have withered, but in the Yan'an Peony Garden, there are patches of peonies sticking out their faces. The huge flowers are like beautiful clouds, swaying in the wind, walking through the sea of the flowers, and we only feel the fragrance of the flowers. Overflowing and fragrant, more than 60000 peonies rushed to bloom and shaking the garden full of spring.


I can't help think of Liu Yuxi, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty, who has a poem: "The peony demon in front of the court is unqualified, and the pond is pure and young. Only the true color of the peony moves the capital when the flowers bloom."

It isn't the first time we have cooperated with the tourist department in Yan'an. The highlight of this projector is the water ripple promenade of the peony garden.


The bustling and noisy promenade is covered with colorful lights everywhere. And the promenade has a sense of tranquility. The number of the promenade is covered with dynamic blue water ripple, and the water ripple flows slowly on the wall and the floor. The saturated atmosphere makes people feel like they can overflow with stars. It seems to have dived into a clean sea in the April and May seasons.


The lifelike peony in the water closely follows the theme of the Yan'an garden. The blooming peonies projected by the Noparde projector allow tourists from all over the country to see the peonies blooming during the day and see the peony flowers lying quietly in the water ripples at night.


The Noparde projector on the wall projected some famous words and sentences, "Last night the moon was as clear as water, only feel the fragrance of a garden," is the most suitable for the phase.


Beautiful water ripple, colorful but not demon peony, implicit poetry, faint moonlight outside the promenade and the scent of flowers sent by the evening breeze make people feel relaxed. This time we are eager to go to Tang Dynasty and look at how the poet Li Bai wrote a famous sentence like "clouds want clothes, flowers want to show up" against the graceful peony!


When hanging out the peon, it has a large-scale musical fountain light show, and the colorful water columns follow the rhythm of the music, causing the children to cheer and scream.


The Yan'an Peony Garden lighting project was a perfect success. The gorgeous and luxurious peonies not only amazed tourists but also added a graceful and luxurious color to the dry Loess Plateau.

Are you free? let's go to Yan'an to appreciate peonies~~

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