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The purpose of the projector

2021-09-22  600

What is the projector, and what is its use? I think the problem hasn’t a standard answer, and this question is not rigorously asked because the projector has various types. A projector that uses light source classification is divided into a led projector, laser projector, holographic projector, etc. So you should understand what the projector is and need to know your purpose to use the projector. For example, using the projector projects the advertising.


The advertising projector was developed for advertising, which image principle is similar to the projector. The image is presented on the lens through a tube, and the image is refracted. The projector is a simplified version of the projector. The projector is controlled by a chip, while the advertising projector is directly imaged by the lamp, which reduces the chip control content. If you need to change the content, you can replace the lamp of the advertising projector.


What’s the advertising use?

The advertising projector is used for advertising. The advertising projector can project bright content on the opaque medium, such as the wall, the ground, or even the opaque glass, which can project high-definition and bright advertising. In addition to projecting advertisements, an advertising projector can also be used to change the lamp film to project various patterns in creating atmosphere effects. Generally, these are called logo projector and water ripple projector.

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